Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cyclists' Library, free maps and info

Although there's tons of information over internet, sometimes you still prefer to look old-style brochure or explore paper maps!
Brouchures from different regions and cities 

As City Bike have operated for 10 years, we have filed a lot information about Estonian regions and our neighbours.

Now we have packed it in our small back-office where you are welcome to come and explore.
  • all Estonian 15 counties filed and labelled, information collected: maps, sights, image brochures
  • Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian atlases for better overview
  • West North of Russia and St. Petersburg maps and sights
  • travel books like Lonely Planet, Estonian manors, architecture and much more
We have also free maps, gathered from different trade shows and partners all over Estonia:
  • Cycle route travel guide, Western Estonia (ENG, GER)
  • The Archipelago bicycle routes, Finnish islands (FIN, SWE, ENG)
  • Pyöräilyeitin kartta Pohjois-Lativa, Vidzeme region (FIN)
  • camping maps by regions
  • Estonian and Baltic general maps
  • etc.

We have big table at your disposal, 4 chairs, and coffee/tea available. Of course our people can give some advice, draw lines on your maps for better cycling roads etc.

Those maps we have for sale:
Maps on sale, behind class shelf

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